This is one of those projects that just sort of happened... We had an idea, had some time, and it came out way better than we ever expected. If you're here, then you're probably interested in how we did it. Well it's actually really easy.

All you need is a glass surface, milk, food coloring, soap/hydrogen peroxide, a pipette, and some lights. 

First you want to setup your lights. You can use whatever you want, we just used some flashlights and a desk lamp. Place the light close to the table surface and point it at the milk, this will create a more cinematic image than placing the light overhead. Feel free to experiment with the lighting!


Mix the milk and food coloring together, use individual cups for individual colors. Place the milk on the glass surface using the pipette. Next, clean the pipette or use a new one and place the soap or hydrogen peroxide on the milk. Now, this is where the magic happens. The soap will interact with the bacteria in the milk, causing it to move and react. 

Once we got enough footage, we cleaned up or mess and imported the footage into Premiere Pro. We did very little post-production, just a little color grading and simple camera movements. Almost everything you see in the final video was shot in camera. 

When we had all the shots edited, we still thought it was missing something... So we went to the Prelinger Archive and downloaded some NASA footage and the famous JFK Speech about space exploration. It was exactly what the project needed. It needed a story and JFK brought it. 

And that's it! It's all about experimenting and seeing what you can get in camera.

We have to give credit to ShanksFX, the one who gave us the idea for this project. We took his method and modified it.